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About our company

Established in 2004, Flora Export S.G. Israel LTD is providing full range of agricultural export services worldwide. Shipping by air freight directly from leading Israeli growers, allows us to supply clients with fresh agricultural products of top quality and freshness with all season availability.

We supply wide range of fresh flowers, fresh cut foliage, fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits, berries and other agricultural produce in small, medium or large wholesale quantities with direct delivery to international destinations worldwide.

Our products quality is assured by PPIS (Plant Protection and Inspection services of Israel) - the government body, responsible for phytosanitary examination of every shipment of all agricultural produce exported from Israel.

Every day we are providing clients with excellent agricultural products directly from Israeli growers. We will be glad to offer your company beneficial long-term partnership and see you among our clients. Listed below are key points and strategic advantages of our company operations.

Best of Israeli products

Israel is famous for its product quality, advanced, time-proven agricultural technologies, extensive selection and research experience. Successful long-time partnership with famous Israeli flower, foliage, fresh herb, vegetable, fruit, berry growers always allows Flora Export S.G. Israel LTD. to offer clients quality for affordable prices. Our produce comes from genuine growers well-known around the world. No questionable sources, NO "palestinian produce" - you and your clients shouldn't worry about the source of our products. It is always fresh and reliable.

Excellent freshness and quality

It usually takes only few days from the point your order is picked by grower, until shipment is received at destination airport. All products are preserved in optimal temperature conditions during storage, processing and transportation.

Professionalism and experience

Flora Export S.G. Israel LTD is a reliable exporter since 2004. Our company supervises your order processing from point of receiving produce from growers, until shipment is delivered to customer's destination. During all stages, we work with of professionals, specializing in achieving and preserving agricultural products quality. Their experience and responsibility are also key to general success.

Air freight delivery

Flora Export S.G. Israel LTD. delivers agricultural products by air cargo services. It gives us an opportunity to reach literally any client in the world and provide him with produce of maximum freshness. This delivery method also allows us to offer products, that require specific transportation conditions, not available with standard ground delivery solutions.

Wide assortment and seasonal availability

Because of unique climate, a huge range of fresh cut flowers, cut foliage, fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables are grown in Israel with great seasonal availability. Flora Export S.G. Israel LTD. can be one source for all your agricultural wholesale supply needs providing fresh products all year round.

Affordable dynamic pricing policy

We purchase agricultural produce directly from Israeli growers. This allows our company to offer clients affordable prices and also negotiate special terms for various quantities and customers' requirements.

Reliable partnership

Flora Export S.G. Israel LTD. is always open for strategic long-term business cooperation. We are working hard toward beneficial partnership with every client, offering professionalism and excellence, along with human approach.