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Agricultural products export services from Israel

Best quality fresh Israeli agricultural products: fresh cut flowers, fresh cut foliage, vegetables, microgreens, fresh herbs, fruits, fresh berries, etc. Grower-direct reliable all year long wholesale supply. Our fresh produce is shipped worldwide by air freight carriers.

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Established in 2004, Flora Export S.G. Israel LTD. is providing full range of agricultural export services worldwide. Shipping by air freight directly from leading Israeli growers, allows us to supply clients with fresh agricultural produce of top quality and freshness with all season availability.

We supply wide range of fresh flowers, fresh cut foliage, fresh herbs, vegetables, micro greens, micro leaves, fruits, berries and other agricultural products in small, medium or large wholesale quantities with direct delivery to international destinations worldwide > read more

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See our products galleries with actual photos of fresh flowers, decorative cut foliage, fresh herbs, vegetables, microgreen, fruits, fresh berries, etc.

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